Born, 1980 in San Francisco, California.

Ricky Watts' obsession with art began at an early age. As a boy, he loved comics, especially doodling his own. Most often they involved glorious battles between the U.S. Army and Nuclear Dinosaurs. In grade school, he would draw his peers names in exchange for bartered items. By high school, his entrepreneurial efforts were funding his weekly lunch allowance. High school was also when Watts fell for his first love, graffiti. Fascinated with spray paint as a medium, he was fully engaged in painting elaborate pieces under the cover of night. After graduation, he traveled up and down the west coast, painting large scale murals and establishing himself as a premier artist in the scene.

Looking to expand, Watts attended the Art Institute of California in San Diego with an emphasis in graphic design. Unsatisfied with the curriculum, Watts left after two years and returned to the bay area to focus on fine art. In 2004, Watts' debut solo show "Spontaneous Combustion" opened at Heebe Jeebe General Store in Petaluma. The exhibition received rave reviews and nearly sold out opening night, thus fueling the creative fire inside him.

He has gone on to exhibit at galleries in San Francisco, Oakland, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami, Atlanta, and throughout Northern California. Watts' commission list includes Google, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Anchor Brewing Co. and Zevia.

Ricky Watts works out of his Northern California studio and can be reached through the contact page. 



2017   "The Artwork of Ricky Watts" - Leave Your Mark, Sacramento, CA​

2016   "Levitation" – Upper Playground / Fifty24PDX Gallery, Portland, OR

2015   "Home Grown" – Opera House Collective, Petaluma, CA

2014   "VINTAGE" – 1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA

2014   "MonochromANTICS" – Buddha's Palm, Sebastopol, CA

2013   "Destination Unknown" – ZeroFriends, Oakland, CA

2013   "The Artwork of Ricky Watts" – Patrick Evan Salon, San Francisco, CA

2011   "Superstitious" – Starstruck, Petaluma, CA

2011   "Down the Rabbit Hole" – Buddha's Palm, Sebastopol, CA

2009   "Postcards from the Subconscious" – Blacklist Gallery, Portland, OR

2008   "Cataclysm" – Mail Depot, Petaluma, CA

2007   "Here and Now" – Daredevils & Queens, Santa Rosa, CA

2006   "Ricky Watts" – Blacklist Gallery, Portland, OR

2006   "Untitled" – Chrissy Bee, San Francisco, CA

2005   "Reoccurring Nightmares" – Triumph, San Rafael, CA

2004   "Spontaneous Combustion" – Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma, CA


2016  "510 All-Stars Round Two" - Nielsen Arts, Berkeley, CA​

2016   "Shine Live" - Shine On Mural Festival, St. Petersburg, FL

2016   "212 Arts Anniversary Exhibit" - 212 Arts, New York, NY

2016   "A Better View: Spring Group Exhibition" - ABV Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2016   "Lower Branch Anniversary Show" - 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA

2016   "LEGENDS" - Oakland Terminal, Oakland, CA

2016   "A Bizare Legacy" - Arthouse, Fresno, CA

2016   "Keep Our Eyes Open - Precita Eyes benefit " - 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2015   "Leave A Message 2" – Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL

2015   "Back 2 Basics" – Exact Science Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2015   "ZeroFriends Takeover"– Upper Playground / Fifty24PDX Gallery, Portland, OR

2015   "Outer Space Project" – ABV Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2015   "Burners and BBQ" – The Mothlight, Asheville, NC

2015   "Creativity Takes Courage" – Prince Gallery, Petaluma, CA

2015   "Width x Height" – Lux Quaubas Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2015   "City Minded" – Luna Rienne Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014   "Holiday Party" – Ian Ross Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014   "Affordable Art Series" – Luna Rienne Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2014   "Basel House" – A Better View (ABV) Pop-Up Gallery, Miami, FL

2014   "Burners and BBQ" – The Satellite Gallery, Asheville, NC

2014   "Decked Out" – Olive Hyde Art Gallery, Fremont, CA

2014   "Godzilla Group Show" – A Shop Called Quest, Los Angeles, CA

2014   "Ontogenesis" – Zodiacs, Petaluma, CA

2013   "Cosmic Terrain" – Petaluma Arts Center, Petaluma, CA

2013   "Chromatic Neurosis" – LeQueVive Gallery, Oakland, CA

2013   "Graffiti Fine Art (GFA) Expo" – Graffiti House L.A., Los Angeles, CA

2013   "Possibilities are Endless" – Sacramento State University, Sacramento, CA

2013   "Project One Walls" – Project One Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2013   "Tetrachromatic" – Arch Enemy Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2013   "Vice-Versa" – Lower Branch Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012   "Ceci n'est pas une galerie" – Project One Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2012   "Special Delivery" – Endless Canvas, Berkeley, CA

2012   "Altered" – Finley Community Center, Santa Rosa, CA

2012   "Monsters of Art Christmas Exhibit" – Monsters of Art Gallery, London, England

2012   "Twenty-One Gun Salute" – Backyard Boogie, San Rafael, CA

2011   "Art Attack" – Madrone Studios, San Francisco, CA

2011   "Lower Branch" – 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA

2011   "Lords vs. Cobras" – Project One, San Francisco, CA

2011   "The Broken Windows Theory" – Subspace Art Gallery, Culver City, CA

2011   "Graffiti Gumbo" – Backyard Boogie, San Rafael, CA

2011   "Hybrid" – Log Cabin, San Anselmo, CA

2011   "GOLD" – Project One, San Francisco, CA

2011   "Holiday Art Show" – Shoe Biz Valencia, San Francisco, CA

2010   "The Graff Show" – Terminal 22, Oakland, CA

2010   "Against the Grain" – Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2010   "Esoteric" – Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2010   "NSUBORDINATE" – Eastside Art Alliance, Oakland, CA

2010   "North of the Bay" – Arlene Francis Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA

2010   "Bad Seed Grand Opening" – Bad Seed Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010   "Under Two Hundo" – Brief Space, San Francisco, CA

2010   "Reap What You Sow" – Mail Depot, Petaluma, CA

2009   "Circle of Life" – 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2009   "ReconsidART" – Mail Depot, Petaluma, CA

2009   "YELP Holiday Party" – Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, CA

2008   "Night of the Treeple" – Club 6, San Francisco, CA

2008   "Acarophobia" – Buddha's Palm, Sebastopol, CA

2008   "How Well Do You Remember?" – POV Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2007   "Collabro NYC" – The Showroom, New York City, NY

2007   "Suite Jesus" – 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA

2007   "Running With the Animals in the Darkness" – Cool Cat Gallery, Sacramento, CA

2007   "Pacific Art Collective's, COLLABO" – Canvas Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006   "Collabro" – Anno Domino Gallery, San Jose, CA

2006   "I'm Alive" – The Tin Shed, Oakland, CA

2006   "Cultural Xposure" – San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

2005   "Tunnel Vision" – Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma, CA

2004   "Spray Mardi Gras" – Buddha Breath, San Diego, CA

2004   "The Brown Baggers" – Studio Z, San Francisco, CA

2003   "Signs of Life" – Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA

2003   "[new works]" – Insection Gallery, Santa Rosa, CA

2003   "Art Union 86" – Cachi Art Studio, San Francisco, CA


2016   Blacklist Gallery & Tattoo, Portland, OR, 26' x 10'

2016   San Leandro Utility Box, San Leandro, CA

2016   Fresh Coat at Jamieson Ranch (collaborative mural), Napa, CA, 108' x 15'

2016   Jack London Square Utility Box, Oakland, CA

2015   Shine On Mural Festival, St. Petersburg, FL, 98’ x 37’

2015   South Bay Expo, San Jose, CA, 24’ x 8’

2015   The Container Yard, Los Angeles, CA, 45’ x 21’

2015   Outer-space Project, Atlanta, GA, 65’ x 18’

2015   Burners and BBQ (collaborative mural), Asheville, NC, 144’ x 21’

2015   1 Brush Initiative, San Francisco, CA. 15’ x 37’

2014   FLAX Art Store, San Mateo, CA, 14’ x 7’

2014   Rocha Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 16’ x 16’

2014   RAI Care Center, Haight St. (collaborative mural), San Francisco, CA, 43’ x 24’

2013   Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, CA, 60‘ x 50’

2012   Bancroft Way at Roosevelt St., Berkeley, CA 28‘ x 13’

2007   Daredevils and Queens, Santa Rosa, CA, 22‘ x 8’


2017   Fishetarian - Interior murals, Bodega Bay, CA

2017   ESCAPE Camper Vans - Hand painted van artwork, Los Angeles, CA 

2017   West Coast Diesels - Interior mural and logo painting, Santa Rosa, CA​

2016   IBM - Custom painted surfboard for booth at VMWorld, Las Vegas, NV

2016   Zevia, Los Angeles, CA - beverage can design + live painting at Expo West in Anaheim, CA

2015    Lucas Films / ILM, San Francisco, CA - live painting performance

2015    Mercedes Benz, USA - digital painting performance in San Jose, CA

2015    Pitch Interactive, Oakland, CA - interior mural, 27’ x 13’

2015    Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco, CA - poster design promoting the “Drink Steam” events

2015    Urban Decay Cosmetics, Los Angeles, CA - Hand painted make-up cases

2015    Google, San Francisco, CA - poster and apparel design for I/O Conference, Moscone Center

2015    Ticketmaster, San Francisco, CA - interior logo painting for EventJoy offices

2015    Big Commerce, San Francisco, CA - interior mural, 42’ x 12’

2014    illy Coffee, San Francisco, CA - custom coffee can installation and exterior mural, 13’ x 9’

2014    e-Cig 101, Rohnert Park, CA - interior mural, 24’ x 8’

2014    Flying Frog Academy, Rohnert Park, CA - multiple interior mural at training facility

2014    The Last Stop Shoppe, Temecula, CA - interior Mural 86‘ x 12’

2014     Not Famous, Redwood City, CA - interior mural 28‘ x 12’

2014    Bear Designz, Temecula, CA - interior mural 63’ x 10’

2014    Counterpoint Music Festival, Atlanta, GA - live painting performance for ABV Gallery / Heineken

2013    Soil Farms, Sebastopol, CA - exterior mural on four-sided grain storage container

2013    Crossfit Arise, Windsor, CA - interior mural 25’ x 14’

2012    Beyond the Glory, Petaluma, CA - interior mural 30’ x 9’

2011    The Hydro Store, Reno, NV - multiple interior murals at distribution warehouse

2010    Workday, San Francisco, CA - outdoor live painting performance, 15’ x 6’

2010    Marin History Museum, San Rafael, CA - interior mural, 24’ x 12’

2010    Geary Interactive, San Francisco, CA - interior art installations

2010    LIC Motorsports, Novato, CA - interior murals at company headquarters